Sep. 26th, 2011

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From Wired's article on the Facebook redesign (h/t to [ profile] metahacker):

“With the current profile, you look at my wall, you look at my photos, you’re done — there’s nothing else to do,” says Chris Cox, Facebook’s VO of Product. He compares it to the first five minutes with a stranger, when you simply find out the basics about a person — where they work, where they went to school, who they know. Even the more extensive information that Facebook has added over the years only adds up to five more minutes of conversation, where you might learn what the person was been doing very recently.


Cox says that instead of that brief conversation you used to get by scanning the previous version of the profile, visiting the profile will be the equivalent of going to a bar to have a long overdue five-hour soul exchange. “It’s that conversation where you play the jukebox till it runs out, the bar closes, and you walk about and say, ‘Man, that was really deep,’” he says.

The profile will be “a visual scrapbook of your life,” says Cox. At his F8 keynote Zuckerberg goes farther, calling it “the story of your life.” Visitors come by to learn about who you are in detail — it will almost be like being left alone in someone’s apartment and being able to check out their bookshelves, CD’s, refrigerator and even their pedometer — but people will actually spend endless time on their own profiles, not only organizing them but eventually hanging out there to reminisce about the past.

Ohferchrissake. Am I alone in thinking that hearing what day-to-day shit someone's been up to for the past year instead of the past week does not make a conversation any fucking deeper? Or that checking out someone's bookshelves, though it may help one get a slightly better sense of the person, does not count as some kind of "soul exchange"?

Give people a platform to make posts that actually have content, and then maybe I'll be able to feel like I know them better after checking out their archives.

Okay, yeah, so people are mostly too busy for content these days, and it's easier for them to broadcast every little thing they do rather than take time to talk about the big things. Fine, I understand; sometimes you gotta make sacrifices, and sometimes you've got to settle for whatever way you can manage to keep in contact at all. But don't pretend it's not a sacrifice; don't pretend that a firehose of trivia is somehow just as interesting or informative as an actual conversation.


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