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Today I saw something I've never seen before: an Asian guy with dreadlocks.

I think this proves something. I'm just not sure what.
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Hmmm. The flip side of some of those blessings is starting to become apparent. The positive bits are still present, but now the slightly weird and iffy and crap-I'm-not-sure-how-to-deal-with-that bits are showing up as well. Somehow I'd rather expected this, as giddy bliss doesn't generally last long and if it did in this case I'd worry that something terrible was in store to make up for it. Right now nothing terrible seems to be happening--things have merely settled into a more normal state, which in a way is actually comforting.

Now if only I could get in any kind of mood to get some homework done.
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Some random people five feet away from me are conversing in French. This wouldn't be notable except that it's the fourth time in less than a week that I've overheard random people speaking French, and normally this only happens once a month or so at most.

The second time, a few days ago, was the most interesting. There were three people speaking, and as far as I could tell, one of them was speaking fluent French, one was speaking fluent Spanish, and one was alternating between the two...perhaps translating, I couldn't really tell because they were speaking too fast for me to make out. Strange world.
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It'll be a while before I have adequate words for this past week or so. Particularly the past fifty-some hours. All I can say is that apparently the universe, or perhaps just Aphrodite, has decided to Bless the Living Fuck out of me. And then bless even more living fuck out of me.

I'm still not sure what I did to deserve this. Have I, in some upside-down version of Fight Club, been running around stopping wars and curing illness when I thought I was asleep? (I suppose it would at least explain why I'm so ill-rested. Perhaps it's not sleep apnea after all.)

Actually I suppose I can more or less sum up the last bit in two words, if rather opaque ones:

Hail Eris.



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