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No doubt at least a few of y'all will find this interesting: Apparently Minesweeper is NP-complete. Not only that, but you can use it to build logic gates.
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Grrr. So, theoretically the router should be working again, but my computer still doesn't appear to be net-connected. I've tried reinstalling the drivers, but attempting to run the install program results in a prompt asking me if I want to uninstall, and then a further message saying I can't uninstall the software because it's in use. Trying to find it anywhere on my computer, however, yields nothing, as I already uninstalled it or thought I did. I'd poke around in regedit, but I wouldn't know what to look for.

Any advice?
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So, I went to bed fairly early last night, got up early this morning to do some last-minute studying, and despite some annoying blanks in recollection I think I did pretty well on that midterm. At least a B, I figure--maybe an A-minus if he curves it.

But now the drawbacks of not being net-connected at home are sinking in more and more. For one thing, there are all kinds of things like job-hunting that I want to do on my own computer, because I want to be able to save pages easily to go back to later and because it's easier somehow to do that sort of thing in a comfier environment; it's tough to get up the motivation here in the lab. Also, the way I spend my days is becoming increasingly screwy. This afternoon I was in a typical state: I didn't want to go home because I never feel like going back up to campus again in the evening, so basically I'd have to either hang around my place all night and feel all disconnected from the world, and probably get a bit depressed as a result, or hang around here all day, even during the stretches when I had no email and no one was posting on LJ, and be very much at loose ends.

Fortunately, in this case I got a lucky roll on the Random (or at least Semi-Random) Encounter table, and met up with a friend who introduced me to a friend of his who was accompanied by a friend of his who invited me to play some pool at his place, so that made for a good few hours' diversion and now I'm in an okay mood to go home after one last email and LJ read. But still, I really hope to not be in this state for much longer.
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I am almost regretting having spent last night in a bed other than my own, as I didn't get quite enough sleep and am thus in bad shape to study for tomorrow's midterm. I have, however, reviewed most of the material already, so I shouldn't be in horrible shape. And it was, after all, an awfully enjoyable night. (Though, to continue my unusual display of candor, I'll admit that continuing to think about it is also not helping me study.)

But at least my fellow LJers continue to amuse me. This is just perfect.


Apr. 21st, 2004 03:45 pm
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Ack, I've been meaning to post this and I've kept forgetting. The Landmark Act I & II in downtown Berkeley is showing The Blues Brothers this Friday and Saturday at midnight. I'm planning on going to the Saturday show; does anyone else wanna come?
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What the hell, this'll probably help take my mind off things. Ask me any three questions and I'll try to answer them honestly. It just may take a while.
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I was having problems with Quicktime--it kept crashing IE--so I threw up my hands and uninstalled it. Somehow it still kept crashing IE. So I tried to reinstall it, and got some silly error message.

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I think the roommates are sufficiently convinced that I'm not to blame for their computer troubles. That's the good news. The bad news is, the bathtub drain has been almost competely stopped for several days now, the toilet has been making ominous gurgling noises--and the washing machine just now overflowed er somethin. While I was using it, mind you. I fear this will be a case of "unhappiness will be directed at me whether or not I can reasonably be blamed, just because I was in the vicinity and because they're still residually unhappy over the last crisis."

And I was just gonna post about how great the previous couple of days were. Feh.
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Today doesn't seem to be a great day in terms of people being happy with me. My roommates suspect that I somehow managed to break their computer, based on the fact that I was using it right before they discovered their browser had crashed in some weird and apparently unfixable way (a way that also seems to involve spyware having been installed). This despite the fact that all I did was try to use the browser and find that it had already crashed or frozen or whatever the hell it was up to. It might indeed have crashed at that very moment, but I don't see how my using it could have caused that if it wasn't about to happen anyway. But given that they're a hell of a lot less computer-literate than I am (and that's saying something), they still seem dubious.

*grumble grumble*

(by the way, "injury to insult" is the bit that wouldn't fit in the Current Music field)
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According to an email sent out by my school, "The Beaumont Foundation of America (BFA) is awarding grants of technology for undeserved individuals."

Upon first reading this, I couldn't figure out what the hell it might've originally said. When I checked out their website, I found they'd left out an R from a rather uncommon word.
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The idea of getting a piercing or a tattoo is flinch-worthy enough--I don't even want to think about getting me some eyeball jewelry.

(On the subject of needles, though, I have to admit that yesterday's blood test ended up being somehow much less stress-filled than past ones have been. Having a friend nearby definitely helped, perhaps even more than I anticipated, though I also seem to have done a better job of distracting myself.)


Apr. 6th, 2004 06:35 pm
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A guy walking past me on campus today was saying to his friend, "So, I went to this Passover Seder last night that was basically all sorority chicks."

I couldn't hear what he said after that, but I wasn't sure I wanted to. The mental images are frightening.
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A while ago I was compelled, in the context of a silly conversation, to plug "Frodo Baggins" into the Internet Anagram Server. Some of the best results:

forging so bad
boggard of sin
signboard fog
brigands goof
rabid fog snog
bard of goings
I snog drab fog

My favorite, for no real reason: braid of gongs
and perhaps the most relevant: bad ring goofs

I myself, meanwhile, am apparently equivalent to A Vile Soy Renewal - Or a Wesleyan Veil.
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Just realized something today: Depression is listed as a possible side effect of the heart meds I'm on. That explains a hell of a lot. Making that cardio appointment is suddenly a higher priority--the difficult part is going to be doing it while I'm still depressed.

*sigh* Sometimes I feel my life is a little too full of vicious cycles.
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Over the last week or two I've been more depressed than usual. Probably at least some of that is hormonal, but knowing that doesn't seem to help much. I'm just not finding even the little motivation I usually have--everything seems pointless, and this of course leads to a vicious cycle as the fact that I'm getting nothing done makes me still more depressed. Loneliness is a big chunk of it too, as I'm in one of those places in my life where it seems there's no one I'm super close to, and no one who really can spare much time for me even if I felt I had the right to ask them to, and that doesn't look likely to change any time soon.

Something's gotta give. I just don't know what yet.
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An idea of [livejournal.com profile] karenbynight's which deserves propagation: Ever feel tempted to remove some of the commas from your interest list?

When I do it, I get things like:

argyle artificial intelligence
Athens ballroom dancing
biting blades
dancing dangly things
defenestration defying categorization
gaming Gangrel
go goths (rah, rah)
karaoke languages
Latin leather (or leather linguistics)
long hair massage
mathematics musicals
onyx opera
polyamory prowling by night
roller coasters romance
sapiosexuality satire
science fiction scritches
silk silliness
singing smart people
suede swashbuckling


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