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An ice cream truck drove by a short while ago playing "Home on the Range." I've heard half a dozen different tunes around Berkeley, but this is a new one on me. Can it be that they actually change them every so often so that people don't go completely insane? Or is it just that the Oakland ones are different than the Berkeley ones?

If they do change tunes periodically, they really ought to do some consulting work for University Health Services. Their phones only ever play one damn piece of hold music, and it's been the same one for five years. It wouldn't be so bad if it were classical or something, but of course it's not; I'm not sure it qualifies as elevator music either, because it tries just a little too hard to be upbeat rather than mellow. They'd've done much better to stick with mellow, at the very least. Upbeat makes you feel too much of a sense of expectation, like something is about to happen, which is not a pleasant feeling to have prolonged for five to ten minutes. I mean, I guess I can understand why they'd want you to feel like your call is going to be answered any moment, but once you've been through the drill a few times and you know it's not, it's just irritating to be kept in a subconscious state of anticipation--not to mention how irritating the music in and of itself is. What they should be going for is calm and soothing, to assuage the irritation you're already feeling at being on hold in the first place.

Okay, I hadn't really intended to rattle on about that. But now that I have, I'm kind of glad to have figured out precisely what it is that annoys me about it. I love how often writing things out has that effect.
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Managed to get through my first day of classes without running for the door. I'm tempted to think this is a good sign, except that in my experience I start out most semesters this way, thinking "oh, this isn't bad at all--I can do this" and then a few weeks later finding I'm just not keeping up. So it seems awfully premature to hope this time will be different...but at the same time, I don't want to crush this optimism quite yet, as it's the first time in a while that I haven't been feeling like shit about school and everything remotely associated with it.

More details about my classes later, perhaps.

(There is an obscenely cute cat draped over [livejournal.com profile] saizai's monitor.)
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[livejournal.com profile] vvvexation: Y'know, of all the people who'd give their kids just one name, I don't know any who'd pick "Bob."
[livejournal.com profile] saizai: But it's so beautiful...in a sick, corrupt kind of way.

(This stemmed from a discussion of surnames that ensued when a piece of junk mail arrived at our new apartment addressed to one Ephraim Swanson-Dusenbury (whose roommate was apparently named Craig Creamer). We proceeded to envision still more evil names that one could inflict on a child, such as "God" and "Mary Sue Bob Ezekiel" and "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" and "/null" and "*~-" and [Bronx cheer] and [glottal stop] and the entire first chapter of Genesis.)
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There were a couple of Spanish-speaking fellows at the bus stop this afternoon flipping coins in the manner of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Neither of them ended up impressively richer or poorer as far as I could tell, but I was still amused just to see anyone passing the time that way.

Then again, perhaps they were fucking with the laws of probability in more subtle ways. I waited nearly twenty minutes for a bus that's supposed to run something like eight times an hour.
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Why is the living room so much cooler than my bedroom when the windows in both of them have been open all day (and face the same direction)?

And why is Ki meowing piteously at empty space?
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I'm sitting right behind [livejournal.com profile] saizai in the library right now. I tweaked the hood of his cloak when I came in, but he didn't seem to notice. At this rate he may finish up and leave without ever having been aware of my presence. This amuses me greatly.

(Since he hasn't been keeping up with LJ lately, I wonder how long it will take him even to encounter this post.)
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I haven't been posting this week because I'm way behind on friends-list reading and I've always had this strange notion that I shouldn't post when there's still reading to do. It's very silly, really. I should try to remedy that.

Thing is, sitting in a library makes me feel less inclined to wax eloquent than when I'm comfortable at home. Probably the fact that I tend to get up and walk around a lot when I'm writing a long post has something to do with that--I can't really get up and walk around here without appearing to have abandoned my computer.

I can, however, share the fact that I seem, through some amazing good fortune (as I certainly wasn't paying attention to this when I chose them), to have signed up for two classes offered by completely unrelated departments that just happen to be meeting one after the other in the very same room. This is only a small bit of good news compared with the large amount of potentially bad (as in, cross your fingers and pray) news I've been getting about this year's student loans. But the nice thing about a little spark of goodness like this is that I can parlay it into a Sign From Above (or Outside, or West, or somewhere) that things will work out somehow.
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Do I get some kinda booby prize for using the words ass, fuck, and shit in the space of three sentences?

I must really be grumpy. I think that's some kinda record.

(On LJ, that is. When I'm speaking, expletives fall from my mouth quite naturally, but during the second or two it takes to write them out I fairly often decide not to bother including them.)
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I'm tired as ass, and I need to sleep because I've got a rough day ahead of me. And I can't go to bed because my sheets (the only ones that aren't at the other apartment) aren't dry yet after two and a half fucking cycles.

Why does stupid shit have to keep going wrong when I'm already stressed out?
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I got an error message trying to sign up for SBC DSL online (yes, I know they suck but they're the cheapest we could find) because our phone hadn't been hooked up yet. That wasn't listed as one of the reasons why "you may have recieved this message," though--but one of the reasons that was listed was "you may be receiving this message because an SBC company is not the provider of your local phone service. If this is the case, we’d love to have the opportunity to be your only choice for all your communication needs."

Emphasis theirs.

The wording, I'll bet, is more accurate than they intended. I'm sure they would indeed love it if no one could choose any other service provider. Then they could offer even crappier service than they do now.
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Dammit, why don't you people post more so I can have something to read instead of packing?
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There's a flashing banner ad on a web page I'm looking at that says "Congratulations! You've won a free Xbox!" No fine print, no other text at all.

Isn't that an outright lie? How is that legal?


Aug. 16th, 2004 01:15 pm
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I was growing out what I think was a record-setting pinky fingernail--nearly twelve millimeters at last measurement--and it just broke off while I was doing laundry. I'm tempted to castigate myself for not being more careful of where I put my hands, but I'd really be girly if I let the fear of breaking a nail stop me from hauling things around like a useful person.

Still, it is sad to lose a talon. There's always a brief mourning period. And none of my other claws are nearly as long right now.
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Anyone wanna buy a TV and VCR?

The TV's fairly old but still works fine; the screen's about, oh, twenty inches, I'd guess (I don't have the appropriate measuring tools). The VCR is almost new--perhaps a year of wear on it. The remote's missing, but universal remotes aren't hard to come by. And it came with a tape rewinder I'll gladly throw in.

Make me an offer. I'll consider a lower one from anyone who helps me move.
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So, I've quit having nightmares and panic attacks because I'm afraid I won't get my financial aid and registration taken care of and the lease signed on the new apartment and all that; those worries have all been assuaged in various ways. Now I'm having nightmares and panic attacks because I'm scared of school and scared of moving.


Moving aid

Aug. 11th, 2004 12:02 pm
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So, if all goes well I will be moving from South Berkeley to Oakland sometime between the 15th and the 26th of this month. I'm going to need a certain amount of assistance--mostly random box and furniture lugging, but it would also be great if someone could provide the use of a large vehicle (large enough to haul a queen-size bed) since I lack one.

My schedule just happens to be full of wonderful things like dress rehearsals during that time period, but I'm somewhat flexible as to when I can get this done. When I plan to do a lot of it will depend on when the most people can be there to help, and also on when the large vehicles, if any, can be there--but except for the furniture moving, it certainly doesn't all have to get done in one day. If I can just have one person with a car schlep a few boxes over one evening and another person another evening (or afternoon), that'll help too.

[Poll #334466]

Also, what's the best place to rent a truck if no one can provide one?
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On the top ten list of things I'm a sucker for: multilingual puns.
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Meh. I just don't feel like Ploughing tonight. I haven't been terribly enthusiastic about it for a while now. I think I've decided I will more or less officially be taking somewhat of a Plough break; after three years it's not too surprising that I feel the need for one. I don't intend to quit going altogether, but I do intend to quit making myself go when I don't quite feel like it, as I think the fact that that's happening more and more these days says something I shouldn't ignore. Besides, I no longer fear nearly as much as I used to that if I skip too many weeks I'll never go back; I imagine that even if I haven't gone for a while, there will be occasional Monday nights when I feel like dropping in, and I've got no reason to feel guilty that it's been so long (which is one of the main factors that usually keeps me from returning to places I've been away from for a while) because nobody really needs me there and there won't be anything major I've missed.

So, let this be an announcement to anyone who cares: From here till sometime in the indefinite future, you'll see me at the Plough occasionally, but don't count on my being there; ping me in advance if you want to know whether I will be, or to specifically request that I attempt to show up.
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If you don't get your voter information guide within a couple weeks before the upcoming election, make sure to call the registrar's office and confirm that you are correctly registered at your current address. Here's one more reason why that could be necessary. Yay widespread and untraceable fraud.

(thanks to [livejournal.com profile] auros for the link)
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On the bus home this evening, I rode past Somebodyorother's Microwave Service.  It took me a minute to figure out that this was probably a place that specialized in repairing microwave ovens, though I'd never heard of such a thing.  The first thought that came into my mind, which I knew couldn't be correct, was that this was a place where you brought food and paid to have it microwaved for you.  I can think of no way that could possibly be less trouble than it would be worth, unless you lived right down the block and only occasionally wanted to microwave things.


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