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My work machine has started doing this weird thing where, whenever I hit the Tab key, it responds as if I'd hit Alt-Tab. It's not behaving this way with respect to any other keys--windows don't close when I hit F4, for example. And it seems to have come on gradually--that is, a few days ago it wasn't doing this, but when I tried to hit Tab to post LJ comments from my email, it would jump to the top of the screen instead of tabbing over to the Post button--and now it's doing this instead.

I have no idea if this is a problem with the keyboard or a problem with the OS, and if it's the latter, I have no idea how to even begin to fix it. Does anyone else?

Edit: I hit Alt-Tab a couple of times to see whether or not that would still have the usual effect, and after that the Tab key seemed to work normally again. Thanks to everyone who offered advice, though; I'll keep it in mind if something similar happens again.
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Okay...I normally don't link to posts on [livejournal.com profile] baaaaabyanimals because the whole community is so filled with cuteness I'd never stop, but this...is a special case.

Oh. Em. Eff. Gee.

It's like a dessert er somethin. With a kyoot little black nose.

*dies and iz ded*
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From the [livejournal.com profile] altfriday5:

1. Tell us something prosaic that you really should do.
2. Tell us something abstract that you really should do.
3. Tell us something interpersonal that you really should do.
4. Tell us something regretful that you really should have done.
5. Tell us something career-oriented that you really should do.
And bonus question, if you're feeling up to it: 6. Tell us something absurd that you really should do.

1. I really should return those library books.
2. I really should get more motivated.
3. I really should stop caring so much about things it's up to other people to fix.
4. I really should've gotten all my medical problems diagnosed and treated a lot sooner.
5. I really should figure out how I'm ever going to get that incomplete finished while working full-time.
6. I really should shave the cat.
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A while ago, I stuck my head into one of those periodic community discussions of how and when one ought to reply to LJ comments, and found myself more annoyed than I'd expected. Now, I personally don't see the point of replying when one has nothing to say, but I understand that a lot of people feel differently. I'm fine with that; it's no skin off my nose if I occasionally interact with people whose commenting habits are different from mine--but apparently there are some folks out there who do think it's a problem, and this one in particular really touched a nerve with me:
[...] I think etiquette, in general, is being polite, and either you're brought up to be polite in all aspects of your life, which would include your activity online, or you're not. I see it as an extension of face to face etiquette. Someone is sitting at a computer reading what I've written, and is taking the time to 'talk' to me about what I've written. I think it's rude to ignore that person. So I reply. The only hard part, for me, is knowing when the conversation is over.

I do find that I take offense when I comment in other people's journals and they don't reply to me. I try to figure out what it will take to get them to reply, not always consciously. And if I consistently offer support or encouragement, or try to relate some commonality, and never get a reply, I will stop commenting, and if I don't care enough for the journal, in general, I drop it.

I think if we leave the comments enabled, it means we welcome them, and not to reply seems rude, to me, but that is because I was raised to be polite and responsive to people, to say 'please' and 'thank you', etc. It's just human kindness, and that extends to the world of the Interweb, and LJ.

Well, of course she's free to behave as she likes, but I still felt I had to say this:
One thing you seem to be overlooking is that "polite" is not a Boolean value. People are not raised to either be polite or not be polite; rather, they are raised with an infinite variety of ideas about which collections of behaviors are polite and which are not. Someone who doesn't have the exact same prescribed set of polite behaviors that you do is not necessarily lacking in "human kindness"--which in any case is a separate thing from politeness. (Would you call someone with poor table manners unkind?)

You seem, in fact, to have a circular definition of polite behavior: "I think behavior X is rude, but that's because I was raised to be polite"? No, you think behavior X is rude because you were raised to be polite and you were raised to think that behavior X is not polite. Someone else, however, might not have been raised to think that behavior X is rude, and yet might still have been raised to "be polite," by whatever means they define the term. To assume that anyone who does X must not have been raised right is to assume that the definition of politeness you grew up with is the only valid one.

I see far too many people living their lives on the basis of that assumption, and severely disliking otherwise very likable people as a result, and it frustrates me so much; if only people would listen to each other's reasoning, try harder to accept goodwill even when it isn't displayed with the "proper" sort of action, and most importantly be forthright about what kind of behavior they want from other people rather than expecting everyone to live up to their standards without having been told what those standards are! The problem with standards of politeness is that too many people don't realize their own standards aren't universal, and so just assume everyone who doesn't meet them isn't worth their time, rather than actually communicating with others and trying to figure out where their standards diverge and how their actions really should be interpreted.

Okay, so I'll admit there does have to be some more or less universal standard of acceptable behavior in order for any large number of people to get along at all. But the idea that politeness is an either/or thing and that someone who commits one particular breach of etiquette must be lacking in all social graces? Excuse me while I scream. Do some people ever comprehend the idea that their opinions are not objectively true?

(And yes, I have had much more unpleasant dealings with people like this in the past--why do you ask? Someday, when my fists unclench, I might even vent about them.)
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Me: *explanation of how I'm glad, for the sake of my self-respect, that I ended up working as a tutor instead of a financial analyst-in-training er something*
[livejournal.com profile] saizai: You mean you wouldn't enjoy making rich people richer? ...Oh, wait, I think you're supposed to call them "high-net-worth individuals."
Me: Shouldn't that be "people of worth"?
Sai: No, 'cause that might give the impression that they were black. And we can't have that.

Gah. The irony works on so many levels. Now I remember why I missed having him around.
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On the way to the hospital cafeteria for lunch today, I was treated to the sight of a gray-haired fellow in a white lab coat and bicycle helmet locking up his bike. Somehow the juxtaposition of those two accessories was funnier than it had any right to be--as was the image of a doctor on wheels.
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I originally wasn't going to do this, but then I realized I was actually enjoying reading other people's, especially when I was in them. So here goes:

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answers )
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Wow, a nice meaty [livejournal.com profile] altfriday5:

["Parents" in my case refers to my dad, my only living bio-parent for most of my life and the only living parental figure I will honor with the term.]

1. How often do you speak to your parent(s)? Why or why not?
My dad emails every few weeks, and every couple of months I call him and we chat for a while. A fairly good way of describing our relationship is that we're good friends who like to keep in touch--except that unlike with my other friends who are at a distance, I actually manage to maintain the correspondence. The fact that he usually initiates the emails helps, as does the fact that he's one of my main sources of advice (though not quite as much lately. Actually, I've noticed that these days I seem to be trying not to rely on him so much, I suspect because I fear losing him and so am trying to prepare myself for it by acting as if I've already lost him. This worries me, as I don't think it's healthy and it's certainly unkind to myself to preemptively deprive myself of his presence in my life.) Another thing that helps is knowing that I could spend a year on the moon or something and then call him again without him guilt-tripping me about how long it had been, and without the lapse in time having made things awkward between us. There are very few people of whom I can say that.

2. How often do you visit to your parent(s)? Why or why not?
Thanks to my dad's long-ago remarriage and the repercussions of same, I haven't been able to visit in almost four years, which is also how long it's been since he's had a chance to make the drive up here. I fucking miss him. Phone and email just ain't the same.

3. What's the most valuable thing you learned from your parents?
Hard to say, as I think I'm still learning it. Probably the most useful thing he's given me so far is the knowledge that everyone goes through most of the things I'm going through and I'm not a fuckup no matter how often I think I am. I've not had many other people in my life who were in a position to apprise me of that sort of thing, but also, when someone that much older than me who knows me that well tells me these things, I really believe them.

4. What's the most harmful thing you learned from your parents?
How to sacrifice your and your child's emotional welfare to a psychotic abuser? As if I needed the lesson. Honestly, I've never in my life been able to conceive of doing that myself, and it baffles me that anyone so intelligent could.

5. If you could change one thing about your relationship with your parents, what would it be? Why?
I'd want him to fucking ditch the bitch and move a few hundred miles closer. Hell, just one out of two would be a vast improvement.
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I really should not taunt the morons who occasionally message me on OKC. I really shouldn't.


But when they reach a certain level of idiocy, it's just so irresistible to do things in response like, say, pointing out how jealous they are or ought to be of my ability to get laid as compared to theirs. It almost makes up for the profound anger I feel on behalf of the entire human race whenever one of these jerkoffs, or any other jerkoff, equates "not interested in me" with "uptight." I'm not sure whether they really believe it or just say it because it's a handy excuse, and what's more, I'm not sure which is worse.

Further reasons why I'm going to hell: I experienced my first case of road rage yesterday, and in the process discovered that having a boyfriend in the car can be a drawback when he insists on shouting at the idiot before you get a chance to do so.
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Coming home to an empty apartment is starting to take its toll--the place already feels less like "home" and more like "the place where I sleep." To make matters worse, nobody seems to be answering my calls this evening, and some pretty serious loneliness is setting in. Apparently I need social time--or at least one-on-one time--more than I need alone time these days.

So, I might as well broaden my net a little. Anyone want to meet me for a late dinner someplace?
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I'm all for teaching DUH
in America's schools!

...even if [livejournal.com profile] mcsnee's not the first to have come up with it. Me, I've been a believer in this theory ever since I discovered all the fun "features" of my reproductive system.


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