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Since I'd rather take recommendations from friends on something like this than just go with whatever comes up first on Google: What would y'all say are the best places to comparison-shop for plane tickets?

In case the specifics matter, we're talking fairly short domestic flights, and I'd most likely be booking a month or two in advance and strenuously avoiding major holidays.
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I just finished my sporadic spam-folder check, and once again I am bemused. In addition to the usual offers to "bigger my short d1cck" and one attempt to convince me that I've won a lottery I never entered ("we don't sell tickets, we just use a 'cyber ballot system' to pick a random email address as our yearly winner--because we want to 'reward individuals who spend their time and resources surfing the web'")--oh, and one notice from a bank where I don't have an account, telling me they might have to suspend my account unless I clear up these reports of suspicious activity (read: tell them my credit card number), and quite clearly addressed to ten people besides me *snerk*--I've also received two pieces of blank junk mail. No subject, no text, and no sender either--so it's not even possible to reply to it.

Is this just a preliminary attempt to see which addresses don't bounce, or what? You wouldn't think they'd need to bother with that, right?

It's actually kinda eerie. I feel like it must be a setup for something weird, 'cause if it isn't, I can't explain it at all.
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There appears to be some sort of carnival/midway type deal set up near the Oakland Coliseum, with Ferris wheels and all the other brightly lit trappings. Anyone know what event it's associated with?
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So, a month ago today I was hanging out in a dimly lit bar and unexpectedly found myself being flirted with by this strange bearded guy.

Fortunately he seemed harmless enough, and in a shocking display of boldness, I flirted back. One thing led to another, and...well...let's just say that things in this neck of the woods have gotten rather disgustingly mushy, rather surprisingly quickly.

All things considered, we are clearly both barking, howling mad. But that doesn't seem to be stopping either of us.

More months like this to come, I hope. Wish us luck--we may need it.


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