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In the spirit of Talk Like a Pirate Day, the fine folks at Ninja Burger have declared December 5th to be the Day of the Ninja.

Tell all your friends. Spread the ninja love.
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Dang it, "Miskatonic malapropism" would be a Googlewhack if only Miskatonic were a "real" word.
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You know how sometimes you try to say something and it gets mixed up with something else you're thinking about and comes out weird? I just had the words "cuckoo" and "cockatiel" blend together in my mouth and come out as "Cthulhu."

I'm not sure how disturbed I ought to be.
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Ah, the joys of bad pr0n. The less you see the appeal of whatever acts are being performed, the more fun they are to mock.

In other news, it's been three days since I got the handheld and already I've beamed someone (whee!) This is marginally related to the fact that Aphrodite is apparently at it again...which makes me even gladder to finally have such a good organizational tool, as I seem to be more in need of such things than ever. Though by now I almost wish I could trade in some of that good karma for a little help in the financial and academic departments....
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...because of things like this.

Apparently, even if we can't torture innocent people ourselves, it's okay to ship them someplace where it is legal.

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The bad news: I have a midterm tomorrow for which I need rather badly to study, as I haven't been keeping up terribly well--and even this early in the evening I find I'm too damn tired to concentrate.

The good news: I at least have an excuse now for being tired. I finally got the results of my sleep study today, and it is official: I have sleep apnea. And now that I know I have it, I can get treated for it. In all likelihood this will vastly, vastly improve my life. I might even be able to take classes before two in the afternoon and actually manage to be awake for them.

The annoying news: It'll be a while before that happens. First I have to navigate the obstacle course that is medical bureaucracy, i.e. get an authorization form from the school clinic (which I wouldn't have to if my ENT doc hadn't run out of them), fax it over to the sleep center and then phone them up to make another appointment, which will probably not take place for at least a couple of weeks and at which I will probably simply be testing out the equipment which it will probably take another few weeks for me to be able to purchase. But the one last piece of good news is, it still looks as though my insurance will cover it.

(And the final question on my mind: Will this or any other post get half as many replies as the one where I mentioned shiny things? Not that I particularly wish it to, but I'm amused to have discovered that that is apparently how to attract people's attention.)

New toy

Nov. 4th, 2003 10:41 pm
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I have a Palm now. It is shiny. It has buttons on it. I cannot stop pressing them.

*gleeful, manic grin*

Okay, it ain't quiiiiiiiite that bad, but I have spent the entire evening copying over the contents of my pen-and-paper address book and calendar, along with anything else I can think of. I think I've HotSynced the sucker a good ten times already.

For the record: [livejournal.com profile] myriah is teh rox0r. For this and several other reasons.


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