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A couple of years ago I observed that I used to have the stressed-out-about-school kind of nightmares back in high school, when I wasn't anxious about school at all, and didn't seem to be having them any more once I got to college and actually did start stressing about school. Apparently that's no longer the case, 'cause I had one a couple nights ago.

I dreamed that I was enrolled this semester in the geometry class I actually took last semester, and although I'd been getting by and doing the work without attending classes, I suddenly realized that I still had to take the final to pass the class, which it hadn't occurred to me to plan on. In the dream, in fact, finals week had already started (in reality it doesn't start for another few days) and I realized with sudden horror that the geometry final might have already happened; next thing I knew, I was frantically searching for the exam schedule, but I think I woke up shortly after.

Annoyingly, there's a little too much of reality in this dream. I do in fact have classes that I haven't been attending but haven't dropped either (I was planning to, but some messed-up stuff happened 'round about the drop deadline) and have resigned myself to accepting NPs in, and I also have a couple of classes in which I'm frantically rushing to finish the work, and I'm worried I may have missed some deadlines that I thought were much later, which may in fact interfere with my graduating this term. It just seems to me that I'm stressed enough without my subconscious twisting that stress around and tricking me into thinking there are still other things to be worried about.
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A couple of nights ago, I had the first LiveJournal-related dream I can ever remember having, and it was fairly interesting. I dreamed I was reading a post someone had made in [livejournal.com profile] blog_sociology describing a "challenge" they'd participated in: they were to spend a week not blogging about blogging. That week, they'd made only three posts to their personal journal: a post at the beginning of the week saying "yeah, I'm doing that challenge thing people have been talking about"; a post in the middle of the week saying "this sucks!"; and a post at the end saying "yay, I'm glad that's over." In other words, not only had they been completely at a loss for anything to blog about once they stopped blogging about blogging, but they'd also not been able to keep themselves from blogging about not blogging about blogging.

I think my subconscious is grossly exaggerating. I certainly don't think anyone in that community is actually so absorbed in meta-analysis that they don't have anything else to talk about--but the idea is amusing, and it also amuses me to be sitting here blogging about people blogging about not blogging about blogging.

Now, my only question is: should I post this over in [livejournal.com profile] blog_sociology?
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It just occurred to me that I might as well share this: a few nights ago, as I was falling asleep (in that fitful state before I truly fall asleep), I had a vague half-dream of which all I can remember is that someone said, to the best of my recollection, "Laundry elves poison everything."

There are so many interesting places one could take that. It's got much more almost-coherence to it than a similarly dreamt phrase I can remember from years ago, something about a "cloud-devil of searing toothpaste." I mean, I can't even begin to picture what that would be, but the statement about laundry elves just sounds so profound. Like an important life lesson or something...if only one could figure out how to interpret it.
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I had a rather odd dream last night that I wouldn't have remembered if some guy hadn't gotten on the bus with a skateboard earlier this afternoon. I tried skateboarding maybe once when I was a kid, and found it kind of scary, and never really tried it again. I still find the idea kind of scary as I don't seem to have terribly good balance. But in this dream, some friend or other had given me a skateboard and I was zooming around on it, and found it was wonderfully easy. This one was wider and a bit longer than a normal skateboard, but incredibly maneuverable; it seemed like I only had to shift my weight the tiniest bit for it to go in exactly the direction I wanted, and it took corners in a way it couldn't possibly have done in reality.

Now, I'd really like to think this dream was a metaphor for something, as I certainly haven't been thinking about skateboarding at all lately and I still don't plan to. But a metaphor for what, I just don't know.


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