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I'm being plagued by message after message suggesting that I consolidate my student loans--specifically, that I consolidate them NOW! in order to LOCK IN THIS SPECIAL LOW RATE! This sounds shady to me, but even the government website where I'm trying to conduct my mandatory exit interview is linking me to these folks. Are they less shady than I think? Would it actually be a good idea to do this? Would it really lower my interest rates?
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This morning Ki was lying near the edge of my bed purring as I brushed my hair, and when he stretched out and started to roll over I could see that his back end was about to roll right off the bed. For a moment I considered putting a hand out to stop him--but only for a moment. The next second, he was digging his front claws into the blankets in a desperate bid to keep his front end from following his back; unfortunately I didn't see if he was successful or not, because I was too busy falling down giggling.

Sometimes I worry that the ASPCA will come knocking on my door any day now. But then I remember that Ki's other human is even crueler to him than I am.
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There are these SPCA ads I've been seeing in AC Transit buses for quite a while that say, among other things, "Ask about our pit bull service." Can anyone out there tell me what the heck "pit bull service" even is?
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Two questions, or rather requests for input:

1) It looks like I will finally be getting my driver's license and acquiring a car. Does anyone have ideas as to which insurance company/ies offer the best rates to new drivers? (I've already checked with Geico and Progressive, and so far Esurance is offering me the best deal, but I'd like to see if I can get a better one.)

2) I've also never previously gotten around to getting a credit card, and would like to change that as well. Any suggestions as to which companies might give me the best deal? My primary goal is to build credit, so I'd mostly be making smallish purchases and paying off the balance in full each month, but a decent line of credit would also be useful in case of emergency.

I'm not looking for guarantees, of course; naturally I'll be investigating and comparing for myself, but it would be nice to know some good places to start looking.
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One of Ki's favorite toys is currently dangling from his cat tree; a few minutes ago, he stretched down from his perch atop the tree, couldn't quite reach it, and doggedly oozed his front end so far down in pursuit of it that he overbalanced and was suddenly forced to "jump" the rest of the way down in a less than graceful manner. Silly kitty. When I laughed at him, he came running over and looked up at me with what I thought was reproach in his gaze, but a few moments later I concluded that he'd merely taken my laughter as a summons to leap up onto my chair and interfere with my typing--although I could've sworn he didn't think he needed an invitation to do that. Perhaps "reminder" is a more accurate word. ("Hey, that's right, I haven't bothered you yet today!")
I've just realized I have a -grl, a -grrl, and a -grrrl on my friends list. Also a -girl and a girl-, but only a couple of boys of any spelling--not that there are as many recognizable spellings, of course. I'd be highly amused, after this, to see a -grrrrl and maybe a -grrrrrl show up in my social circles.

Not that I'm asking for it or anything.
The silly spam continues. Some of the new ones:

Recessed R. Organizing
Hookers A. Fairness
Rap P. Marketer
Waste Q. Mohair
Bulkhead L. Dispatcher
Mulling C. Waterbeds
Lubricant K. Saltpeter
Athenians T. Bounden
Housemaids I. Misled

I really like that last one.
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...either that, or I've developed something resembling self-confidence. *gasp*

So I'm at a delightful party chatting up this very cute guy, and our conversation expands for a few minutes to include a mutual acquaintance sitting nearby; this person (who shall remain nameless *sticks out tongue*) teases me, as folks sometimes do, about my relative youth and then says to my chat-up target "oh, I'm sorry, am I screwing up your attempt to seduce her?"

My immediate reply: "No, you're screwing up my attempt to seduce him!"

My next thought: Fuck, did I just say that out loud?

(Fortunately, it apparently takes considerably more than that for me to botch a Seduction roll. My friends list (among other things) has incremented once again. Hee-hee.)

(Y'know, I suspect the fact that I'm posting this and not being all cryptic about it (except for leaving out the names) is one more sign of Growth on my part. If that's what to call it.)
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Wow. A minute ago my computer wouldn't connect to the Internet, and the error message said, as usual, "Network Cable Unplugged"--and for once, it turned out that that actually was the problem. I guess even a stopped clock is correct twice a day....
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On my way to today's job interview, I found a BB on the sidewalk and picked it up for luck; on the way back from the interview, I came upon first a washer and later a nail lying underfoot. No sooner had I thought to myself that this seemed to be a day for finding odd bits of metal, than I spotted a paper clip and a pop-top ring in the next ten feet. Except for the pop-top ring, these are not things that I see on sidewalks all that often.

The next block yielded another pop-top ring and another paper clip; at this point I decided to stop picking them up, but almost went back on this decision when I came to a broken hair clip and still later a screw. I had fun redistributing the items I had collected, though: the washer is now balanced on top of a railing, the pop-top ring paper-clipped to a chain link fence, and the nail sticking out of the pocket of a pair of jeans being worn by a rather creepy torso-less mannequin outside a small store. The BB is still in my pocket, though; I never did find what seemed like a good place for it, though now that I think about it, it might've rested nicely on top of the washer.

([livejournal.com profile] kaidevis, you're a bad influence. Or a good influence. Or something.)
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From the [livejournal.com profile] altfriday5:

1. How old are you?
Twenty-four today, as it happens. Of all the dates to pick this topic....

2. How old do you feel? Why?
Hell if I can put a number on it. I feel years older than most people my age, but I still don't feel like an adult yet. Sometimes I wonder if I ever will.

3. How old would you like to be? Why?
Old enough for people to take me a little more seriously. Maybe thirtyish?

4. What was your best age? Why?
5. What was your worst age? Why?
That sounds to me like "at what age were you the best/worst person." I think I'm continually improving, so I guess 23 would have to've been my best age and zero the worst--though I admittedly went through a few bratty phases as a kid, I don't remember them all that clearly. If the question really means "what was the best/worst year of your life," any of the years since I started college might qualify for best and worst, really. I mean, yeah new friends and lovers and finding myself and all that, but also depression and dropping out of classes and taking too long to graduate and having no money....

Then again, I can think of even shittier things I've been through in my life--but then yet again, every time I think of those parts of my life I can't forget the good bits either. I guess I'm really just not prepared to peg any part of my life as outstandingly better or worse overall than any other, even though I think I'm slowly getting control of my life and may in a few years have swung it into the "unequivocally good" zone.
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A comment (and addendum) I posted elsewhere--fortunately not a propos of anything in my life at the moment, but I've been chewing on it for a while:

Dan Savage had some scathing things to say once to a disabled guy who wrote in complaining that he couldn't get chicks--mainly because, as Dan pointed out, he was only looking for "hot" chicks and didn't seem to have considered dating disabled women for a moment. I've since been convinced that what all those guys who complain that women won't date them because they're "too nice" really mean is that beautiful, bitchy women won't date them. Maybe if they actually went looking for nice girls--and bothered to include shy girls, plain girls, and nerdy girls in that pool--they'd have better luck finding a few who genuinely like nice guys.

(Okay, so I have known some genuinely nice guys who can't seem to get dates. In fact, that description fits a fair number of my closest friends. But you know what? Absolutely none of them, to my knowledge, have trouble getting dates because they're too nice. Some of them have self-confidence issues, and some of them are just nerds surrounded by too few nerd-loving women, but niceness is definitely not what holds them back.)

Tardy haiku

Jul. 5th, 2005 11:30 pm
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Dammit, I forgot
to mention that today was
World Blog Haiku Day!

I was going to post
about this earlier, but
I just plain forgot

to do it during
the few hours I was home
and here at my desk.

Now it is almost
too late for it to matter.
But, in case you care,

mark your calendars.
Next year, on July the fifth,
you too can be cool

and post haiku, like
me (but hopefully in a
more timely fashion.)
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Wow. I just watched an entire fireworks display--as well as bits and pieces of four or five others--from my living-room window.

Granted, it was partly obscured by trees. And there was apparently another, closer one that I couldn't see from here (again due to trees) but could've seen from the street outside--but then I wouldn't have been able to catch any of the others. Being on the second floor of a building overlooking a large chunk of city does have its perks.

(However, if the neighbors keep me awake tonight with amateur explosions the way they did last night, I will be far from amused. My job interview skills are not likely to improve on little sleep.)


Jul. 1st, 2005 02:34 pm
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Can someone tell me a way to get from Oakland to the Stanford campus that's got fewer steps than AC Transit -> BART -> Muni -> CalTrain -> shuttle?


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